Consultant Chartered Physiotherapist

David Dalton is the clinical lead at PhysioCare and after graduating with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Keele University. David worked in the UK before returning to work in Ireland. He subsequently worked in several HSE hospitals before taking up work in private practice. David has been with PhysioCare since 2001. He divides his week across the Dublin clinics. David still actively treats patients as well as mentoring the newer members of staff. As David maintains the standards at the clinics and works between all sites, if you need to be treated by him, please book your appointment early.

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He has completed his MACP (Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) exams, the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine Exams (MSOM) as well as a H(Dip) in Management from the IMI. He specialises as a manipulative therapist in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. This has led to him dealing a lot more with chronic or complex pain patients. The conditions he treats range from spinal pain (Whiplash, OA and chronic pain) to Sports Injuries (swimmers, GAA, Rubgy and tennis). He also specialises in Orthotics and has an interest in Acupuncture. David himself is an ex-international water polo player and was a previous high level swimmer. He also completed the Dublin City Marathon in 2012 and is due to complete it again in 2016. Sports would play a bigger part in his life but he dedicates his time to his family and PhysioCare. Call us on 015310007 to book an appointment with David.

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