Ray Ryan (ACNF ACSM)
Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Ray joined Physiocare in 2012. He graduated from Dublin City University in 2006 with Distinction as a Fitness Instruction (NCEF). In 2009 he was certified as an advanced Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). personal trainer dublin

Ray has been fortunate to have had the opportunity over the years to work with a wide ranging clientele which has included training those with the most general weight loss goals and improving endurance to more sports specific oriented goals.

Ray’s background has a good balance of fitness training and rehabilitation. He has trained Leicester League soccer teams and group bootcamp classes, and coached one on one training sessions. Clients have benefited tremendously through reduction of injuries sustained and improved fitness levels. personal trainer dublin

Ray has a passion for health, fitness and overall well being. His aim is to teach, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals, improve their lifestyle, and live a pain free active life.

What to expect at a training session with Ray:

At the beginning of the 6 week programme, each client is screenend to determine their readiness for exercise. A posture analysis is also carried out to determine weak areas. Waist measurements are also taken and are monitored weekly.

Each session is designed with proper progression planning based on a clients current physical status. A food plan is designed and given to accompany the training programme.

Each session starts with a 10 minutes warm up, followed by a 40 minute main phase which includes functional training and core stability exercises. The session is wound down with a 10 minute cooldown and full body stretch.

The benefits training:

  • Improvement in cardiovascular fitness
  • Improvement in posture & body alignment.
  • Reduction in total body fat.
  • Reduction in injuries sustained in sport, work or daily life.
  • Increased strength & muscle mass
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced feelings of well-being

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A recent patient testimonial:
I am a sedentary 55 year old who had never played sports or even entered a gym until earlier this year.

I have long term back pain and in recent years the problem had worsened. I was reluctant to follow my physio’s advice and try exercising in a gym with a personal trainer as I thought my back was too weak for gym training. In the end, my back problem reached the point where I felt that a personal trainer couldn’t make it any worse so I only agreed to give it a go.

I was quite nervous the first time I entered the gym to start training with Ray. I finished that first session exhilarated – panting, sweating, grinning from ear to ear and I have never felt nervous since. Through a carefully structured exercise programme, Ray has restored a measure of physical strength and flexibility that I thought I had lost for ever. Five months into regular training, for the first time in years, I can feel my back getting better and stronger. I am now completely pain free for long periods. personal trainer dublin

I had given very little thought to the wider health benefits of exercise. Since starting training with Ray, I have lost around three quarters of a stone and a couple of inches off my waistline. I have notices a considerable gain in physical stamina. My blood triglyceride levels (triglyceride is a lipid similar to cholesterol) levels were dangerously high. The regular training has reduced them to normal without medication (from 4.4 to 2.1) My weight, blood pressure and resting heart rate have all dropped. I sleep better. Most importantly of all, I feel better and have loads more energy. I now look forward to my gym sessions.

Without the motivation and guidance of a personal trainer, there is no way that I would have the either the knowledge or confidence to undertake the complex programme of exercises.

I should also acknowledge that Ray has also done his best to provide dietary advice and I respect his enthusiasm and commitment. Someday, I may even start listening!! However, I am genuinely more conscious of what I eat and of the importance of timing food intake. personal trainer dublin


”With all the weight loss and keep fit programmes out there it’s always difficult to choose from one that works. From my first introductory visit to Ray Ryan I knew this was going to be an easy choice. He motivated me right from the start and knew how hard to push without any issues of aches or pains developing  the next day. Ray explains how and why we need to do the work and most importantly he took my current diet and reduced this rather than changing it so it was not difficult to make the necessary amendments. After a couple of months my doctor took me off one of my blood pressure tablets that I’d been on for years. My cholesterol went from 8 to 4.9 which is fantastic while I lost over 30 pounds which was even better again. My posture improved significantly as this was one of my main targets too, so if anybody is thinking of engaging a personal trainer I’d more than happy to recommend Ray.” – Patient