Arthritis and Appointment Waiting Times

A recent survey by Arthritis Ireland uncovered that appointment waiting times to be treated for the condition are not getting any quicker. Specifically focusing on adolescent arthritis as part of their ‘Children with Arthritis Awareness Month’, the survey revealed that 32% of parents had been waiting six months or more for a rheumatology appointment for their children while 16% were waiting for an incredible two years or more. The best practice guidelines dictate that treatment for arthritis should be sought within the initial six weeks of symptoms appearing. With these wait times for an appointment, those with arthritis are left in pain and discomfort until they receive their one-on-one appointment to receive treatment tailored to their individual case.

This is a big factor in people seeking private treatment to start their recovery process instead of being stuck in limbo. That is why at PhysioCare we are proud to offer appointment times from early morning (8am) to late evening (8pm) Monday – Friday with Saturday appointments also available. You do not need a referral to come to us and we are recognised by all leading health insurers. Call us on 015310007 for more information or to book a physiotherapy appointment to help you get and feel better.

Chartered Physiotherapists such as the ones that comprise of our team are all proficient in the treatment and management of arthritis and its associated symptoms – it is a very common condition that we treat across our five clinics. While each treatment session is tailored to the individual and their unique needs, many find comfort in the physiotherapy treatment that is administered to them as well as the prescribed exercise therapy routine tailored for them. PhysioCare also has two PhysioGym spaces whereby active rehabilitation can take place between you and a personal trainer to work actively towards goals or as part of a group fitness class.

Pilates in particular has many benefits that can assist manage the symptoms: arthritis
– improved balance and reduced risk of falls
– improved body awareness
– improved co-ordination & muscular control
– muscles will learn to relax and lengthen
– reduce the risk of bodily injury
– strengthen the core postural muscles
– strengthen weak muscles
– suitable for all ages and levels

Our Pilates classes are broken down into four main categories – Over 55’s, Beginners, Improvers and All Levels. If you are under 18 you can attend the class once you receive permission from a parent or guardian. The classes are though by Qualified Instructors and Chartered Physiotherapists. Click here to see the classes timetable.

So if you are in pain and discomfort from arthritis and are stuck waiting for an appointment, why not come to our friendly, family-run clinics to receive one-on-one treatment for your symptoms. Call us on 015310007 for more information or to book an appointment.