Thinking of Starting Beginners Pilates in Dublin?
What you need to know

Starting a new activity or hobby can be daunting. Often it involves putting ourselves outside of our comfort zone which can be a bit intimidating. Exercise comes easy to some but to others it can be completely alien. Whether you have some or no experience in Pilates and whether you are active or sedentary, the aim of this blog is to help to give you an introduction to Beginners Pilates in Dublin based PhysioCare classes led by Chartered Physiotherapists.

beginners pilates in dublinThe key elements of Pilates are as follows:

1. Lateral Breathing

Pilates aims to improve the effectiveness of your overall breathing. This is important to get enough oxygen to the muscles and remove the waste products that come with fatigue.

2. Centering
Pilates aims to develop a strong ‘core’ (abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles). These postural muscles help provide support to the body in daily activities.

3. Ribcage Placement
The ribcage should ideally be aligned above the pelvis. Poor placement stresses the muscles at the back of the ribcage and can lead to tightness, stiffness and pain.

4. Shoulder Blade Placement
The shoulder blades are the foundation for efficient arms and neck movement. Optimal placement and stability are key to achieving normal, pain free movement. Often due to the demands of modern life, some muscles get overused and become tight and painful. Pilates helps to correct any muscle imbalances.

5. Head and Neck Placement
Similar to above, modern life means that we tend to sit for long periods at a desk and in front of a computer, tablet or phone. Pilates helps to correct posture and reduce back and neck pain.

These key elements above will form the basis of a Beginners Pilates class. Once these movements and positions are learned, they can be progressed through a number of more challenging exercises; but the key elements remain unchanged. It can be very helpful to organise a one-to-one consultation prior to undertaking a Beginners Pilates class. In this way, you will have a private session with a Chartered Physiotherapist who will go through the key elements with you. This can increase confidence and will ensure you get the most from the class. During the class itself, the small group setting allows for ample supervision of all participants. Aside from this. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, patience and a positive mind. Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for body and mind. It helps to develop strength, flexibility and control and is suitable for all ages and all activity levels.

If you are interested in Beginners Pilates in Dublin, please contact us on 015310007 or click/tap here to contact us. Class times can be found by clicking/tapping here. – Yours in Health, Graham Widger (MISCP) – PhysioCare Chartered Physiotherapist
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