The Benefits of Post Natal Pilates.

Here at PhysioCare we provide one-on-one or small group post natal Pilates classes led by a Chartered Physiotherapist.

What are the benefits of post natal Pilates?


  • During and after pregnancy, the core and pelvic floor muscles become stretched and weakened. It is important to gently build these back up following birth to prevent urinary incontinence and the onset of back pain. Post natal Pilates will teach you how to gently activate the core and pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them following pregnancy
  • Following the birth of your baby, and particularly if you are breastfeeding, the upper back and shoulders can become tight and achy. We will go through a mobility program to open out the chest and upper back which will allow carrying your baby and breastfeeding be more comfortable
  • We will strengthen and tone the leg, hip and shoulder muscles and improve overall flexibility
  • Improve posture and increase body awareness in your daily movements
  • Spending an hour at a post natal Pilates class will allow you to switch off and have some valued time to yourself, release endorphins and reduce stress levels


You can attend a post natal Pilates class 6 weeks after natural delivery or 12 weeks following a cesarean section, or when you are cleared to return to exercise by a healthcare professional. However, you can begin gentle pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises and core activation’s as soon as you feel comfortable after birth.

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