What is a Caesarean Section?

Caesarean Sections What is a Caesarean Section? Caesarean section (CS) is an increasingly common abdominal surgical procedure, both worldwide and in Ireland, with an average national rate of 32% according to a National Report by the HSE in 2017. It describes a surgical approach to deliver a baby, where an incision is made through the…

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Tennis Elbow

TENNIS ELBOW   Lateral elbow tendinopathy, or ‘Tennis Elbow’, is the diagnosis prescribed to individuals experiencing persistent pain on the lateral aspect of the elbow radiating through the forearm. The pain can be acute or chronic depending on the longevity of the symptoms which are typically accompanied by loss of function or difficulty with everyday…

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5 Quick Stretches When You’re Short Of Time

5 Quick Stretches When You’re Short Of Time A post exercise  routine of stretching is ideal, but when trying to fit running and stretching into a busy schedule, the latter often gets left out.   Try stretching even if it’s hours after the exercise. Let’s say, you train in the morning and can’t stretch afterward…

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Why Is My Neck Sore…?

Why Is My Neck Sore….? Causes Neck pain is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population experiencing Neck Pain  at some point in their lives. Waking up with neck and shoulder pain is a common problem. Persistent use of your arms i.e. driving or computer use can present in a similar fashion. Sources of neck…

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Post Operation Care Hip Replacement This is a surgical procedure where an arthritic hip is removed and replaced with a prosthetic implant. Physiotherapy following hip replacement involves strengthening the muscles around the hip joint, re-educating walking pattern, and getting the movement back in the hip. Knee Replacement A knee replacement is a surgery where the weight-bearing…

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