Exercises for Osteoporosis

exercises for osteoporosisOsteoporosis is the most common bone condition worldwide, estimated to affect over 200 million people. As we age, our bones decrease in density and become more likely to fracture from a simple fall. In Ireland, one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will suffer from an osteoporotic fracture. Other fractures such as sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition or previous cardiovascular issues can also predispose people. Fractures can lead to pain, disability and loss of independence. At their annual conference in 2014, the Irish Osteoporosis Society stated that 18,000 osteoporotic fractures occur annually (with an estimated healthcare cost of €653 million) as these people require hospitalisation and often surgery.

Current research indicates that the best form of management for people with Osteoporosis are exercises for Osteoporosis. You may worry that being more active may increase your risk of falling, but the opposite is true. It has been proven that a properly designed exercise programme will decrease your risk of falling by increasing your strength and balance. Regular weight-bearing exercises for Osteoporosis have also been proven to increase bone health, which is essential for people with Osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises simply involve exercises that you either stand up for or are positioned on your hands and knees. The reason for this is that your muscles and bones must then work to keep you upright. This is beneficial for people with Osteoporosis as it familiarises your bones to this weight and thus increases their tolerance and strength.

The Irish Osteoporosis Society advocates for exercise, but they also advise that you do not undergo a new exercise regime without speaking with a professional. That’s where we come in. As of October 2017, here at PhysioCare we will be offering an Osteoporosis Class for those who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia or a related fracture and for those not confident with their balance and would like to reduce their falls risk. The classes will take place weekly in both our regions, in Blanchardstown every Friday at 2pm (starting 20th October) and in Carrickmines every Thursday at 11am (starting 26th October). The classes will be an hour long and will be exercise based, taking all the aforementioned evidence into account. Over the eight week period, you will be guided through a formulated and guided exercise program by our Chartered Physiotherapists to increase your strength, better you bone health and improve your balance.

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