Golf Injuries – Your Game, Your Pain

The sun is shining. The evenings are long. Our small isle is home to over four-hundred golf courses and boasts some of the most impressive backdrops in the world. Out come the clubs week in and week out until you feel that dreaded niggle which could be the start of your golf injuries – in the back, the shoulder, the elbow, the knee . . .

golf injuries lack of impact associated with a leisurely game of golf, the excessive strain placed on the body with a repetitive, explosive swing is often overlooked by the casual golfer. With a glance at the professional game, it’s clear that the days of Phil Mickelson and Angel Cabrera gracing the fairways sporting a rather large waistline are a thing of the past. The new age elite golfer appears lean and athletic – reporting hours of training time spent in the gym or strength and conditioning facilities with the aim of improving their game and avoiding golf injuries. With this in mind, here we list some of the most prevalent injuries encountered by golfers along with probable causes, possible prevention and proven treatment.

Injuries among golfers are generally as a result of overuse, poor swing mechanics, insufficient warm-up, incorrect posture and excessive rotational forces placed on the body with long-term play. Low back pain accounts for over 30% of all golf related complaints with shoulder and elbow pain accounting for a great proportion of ailments too. Lower limb injuries are less common but many older golfers experience difficulty maintaining ample strength and movement in their hips and knees. Many habitual swing patterns in amateur golfers are developed as a result of pre-existing physical limitations, thus causing further damage with repetitive compensatory movements.

At PhysioCare there are a multitude of ways in which our services can aid your beloved past-time. Our physiotherapists can provide:

  • Treatment for current injuries by utilising a vast range of techniques including manual therapies, dry needling, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy modalites and personalised exercise prescription.
  • Screening inclusive of posture, functional movement, range of movement and strength assessments with consideration to previous musculoskeletal injuries. This crucial information can then be used to guide further rehabilitation or strength and conditioning interventions to ensure golfers maintain the best from their game.
  • Injury prevention guidance incorporating proven warm-up techniques along with cool-down stretches with strength and conditioning programmes specific to your needs.

So if you have a golf related injury or query, or simply feel that physiotherapy may help you improve your game, call us on 015310007 to book a physiotherapy appointment to get and feel better.
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