From breaking in new shoes to carrying around heavy schoolbags; there are quite a few physical stresses that school students are under. With P.E. also on the curriculum and growing pains to contend with, physiotherapy treatment can be sought to relieve some of the aches, pains and injuries associated with school students.

Upper Body

A common complaint from students is that of hand, elbow and wrist pain as a result of excessive writing (especially during exams). As this is a constant wear and tear action repeated on a daily basis, one can understand how these pains can interfere with schoolwork. At PhysioCare, our Chartered Physiotherapists work with the pace of the patient and help them restore normal function and range of movement to the upper limbs to help them get and feel better. Patients are given simple but effective exercises that they can complete at home tailored to their individual condition to self-manage their pain.

Lower Body

Growing pains are commonly felt in the legs and lower limbs, but can occur throughout the body. When new school and sporting footwear is factored in alongside the physical activity through P.E. and extra-curricular activities, the lower limbs experience a fair amount of aggravation that can result in pain or discomfort. Fallen arches / flat feet and overall foot pain can also contribute to all of the above and a proven treatment for this is the prescription of a footwear insole known as an orthotic device. PhysioCare specialises in orthotic assessments for all ages at our clinics and after a full examination can assess and treat any misalignment or biomechanical dysfunction in patients.


As a result of sitting for long periods of time in class, it is no surprise that adolescents complain of back pain and even neck pain in some cases. While carrying around heaving schoolbags during the day, this pain is only aggravated further. Physiotherapy treatment can relieve back pain and low back painto help patients get and feel better. Back and neck pain can also result in tension headaches that obviously annoy and disrupt the focus of students during class and even at home. PhysioCare has appointments available Monday to Friday from 8am – 8pm and also has Saturday appointments available so that students can be seen and treated without missing any school time.

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