For many people January is the month where we decide that we want to change our lives for the better, and exercise is one of the many things people will start to try incorporate into their lives as a part of this ‘New year, new me’ fad.  This is a brilliant way to start the year but often people will falter or lose interest because they are unsure of how to begin, or how often to train, or even how to train.  This is absolutely normal and if you experience this your not the only one.  Maybe you want to join a gym, or a running club, or a sports team whichever it may be it is important to give yourself time and accept that it is going to take some time to get fit.  Below I have listed 5 simple steps you can take to aid you in your fitness journey.

Invest in a good a set of gym/training gear.

Although this might not be a viable option for everybody, purchasing new clothes or gym gear or even a decent pair of trainers can really help you to feel motivated to go and start training.  Feeling the part in your new clothing can give you that feel good factor when going to train.  Go to a sport shop and speak to a sales assistant try on some things and find something you feel good in.

Don’t try do it all in the first week

The problem for most people is that for the first 3 weeks of January it’s all full throttle and by the end of the month they have completely burned themselves out and fall back in to all those bad habits. Now we are just coming into February, how has your fitness journey gone – or have you fallen off the again completely? The key to your new fitness journey is longevity and consistency, you may have a short term plan but exercise isn’t about being short term it should be a lifestyle.

Start off with planning 2-3 per week that you know you will definitely be able to train or make it to the gym, as time goes by start adding in more days as and when you can. Y ou will find you are much more likely to stick to your plan when you think plan for the long term.

Try some home workouts

If your not ready to go jump into a gym setting then why not try working out at home?  Getting fit and healthy doesn’t always mean joining a gym it can be as simple as going on a walk a few times a week, if that’s more than your already doing then it is a great starting point.  The gym isn’t for everybody but exercise most certainly is and needs to be to live a healthy lifestyle.  We have a full list of exercises available on our website with the majority you can practice at home, pick a few basic ones you can do at home and start there.

Book in with a personal trainer

Personal trainers are a great way of guiding you and giving you a starting point in your new fitness journey.  I would highly recommend consulting a personal trainer if you are a beginner or even if you feel like you need some more guidance/reassurance with how you are training.  The benefits are great you will be shown how to train, given guidelines on how to eat and they will allow you to build your confidence in your training while working under supervision to ensure you are safe.  We see a lot of patients who will injure themselves due to poor technique or trying to do too much too soon.

Focus on your own journey

This is a huge part of staying motivated, consistent, and positive when you’re first starting to work out.  Identify why you’re ready to incorporate a regular workout program into your life and reach your goals.  This might take some digging, and it has to mean enough to you to fall back on when you feel like quitting.  Maybe it’s being able to keep up with your kids, feeling strong in your own body, or just setting aside time to focus on your own well-being.

Ultimately, fitness should be about your own goals and what feels right for you.  When you’re embarking on your fitness journey, it can be easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Remember that we all move at our own pace, and to focus on what is best and most enjoyable for you and your unique body.

Here at PhysioCare we have a range of staff who specialise in exercise therapy and also personal training.  Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction to get started and here we will give you all the tools you need to go and plan your own fitness journey.  Remember being fit should be a lifestyle not a 5 week challenge, take this into account when beginning your journey.

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