In conjunction with physiotherapy treatment and other various treatment methods such as manipulation, massage and acupuncture and non-invasive medical technologies such as ultrasound and shockwave; exercise therapy is a tried and tested form of therapy that assists in active rehabilitation. Exercise therapy can be applied to any injury or condition and is personalised by our Chartered Physiotherapists and personal trainers here at PhysioCare to suit each individual patient case.

If we think of exercise at its most basic form, it consist of moving and stretching parts of the body in certain ways to reach various outcomes. For example if one has a tight or achy neck or shoulders, many find relief from rolling their neck in a circular motion around their shoulders to work out any knots. Exercise therapy exists on this principle and delivers results by working with the capabilities of your body to build strength, stability and also to manage pain by working through it.

Following an operation such as a total knee replacement, one would greatly benefit from either corrective exercise or personal training to work at their own pace to rebuild the strength, range of movement and level of comfort in the knee. Working alongside your dedicated physiotherapist and personal trainer in private treatments and our private gym space, they will come up with a programme for you and you only taking into account your medical history and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for our patients at PhysioCare, each and every person we treat are unique cases with various stipulations that our clinical staff adhere to every step of the way in helping you get and feel better.

As exercise therapy uses bodily movement as a form of rehabilitation, it means that you can complete your exercises in your home in between visits to the clinic. This gives you the power to self manage your condition and combat pain as soon as it strikes. Yet is is important that these exercises are completed with the correct form and technique to derive the optimum benefit from them and also to avoid any further strain or injury. Conscious of this at PhysioCare, we have created a range of over 100 guided exercise tutorial videos that you can view for free on our YouTube channel. These exercises feature both live demonstrations and also written guidelines so that you can see and read through each step.

Exercise therapy forms a big part of our treatment and active rehabilitation here at PhysioCare combined with our quality physiotherapy treatment to achieve the best results for you. We have the availability in our two state-of-the-art private gym spaces (in both our Blanchardstown and Carrickmines clinics) to facilitate this and also extend this help to you at home with our exercise videos.

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