Ankle Sprain

ankle sprain

The most common type of ankle injury is a sprain. There are many ligaments around the ankle and these can become damaged when the ankle is forced into a position not normally encountered.

Some Causes of Ankle Sprain:
An ankle sprain can occur when there is a stretching and/or tearing of ligaments in the foot. The most frequently seen sprain occurs when weight is applied to a foot which is on an uneven surface and the foot ‘rolls in’ (this is called inversion). Because the sole of the foot is pointing inward as force is applied, the ligaments stabilizing the outside of the ankle are stressed. Many patients report hearing a ‘snap’ or ‘pop’ at the time of the injury. This is usually followed by pain and swelling.

Treatment Methods:
It is vital to reduce swelling and inflammation following an ankle sprain and this is best achieved by following the R.I.C.E. method. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and should be completed in that order. When treating an ankle sprain, it is vital to ascertain how much normal function (gauged by how much movement the foot can make) your ankle has to use this as a starting point of your treatment. Treatment methods here of course include physiotherapy while ultrasound and taping can also be utilised effectively to treat ankle sprains.

What we can do for you:
While we show you how to complete the R.I.C.E. process correctly, we also administer physiotherapy treatment that takes into account the limit of your foot and ankle range of movement following the sprain. If needs be, your foot will be taped to alleviate pressure in certain areas. Ultrasound treatment may also be used to stimulate blood flow and assist the natural healing process.

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