Ante and Post Natal Pain

ante and post natal painInformation
Research has shown that most women during some stage of their pregnancy (either during (ante) the pregnancy or after the delivery) will experience some type of pain. This pain can be felt in the musculoskeletal system commonly in areas such as the back and lower back, hips and pelvis. Rather than accept these pains as simply a part of pregnancy; more emphasis is now being placed on ante and post-natal care to manage ante and post-natal pains.

Some Causes of Ante & Post Natal Pain:
There are many factors which can cause these aches and pains. They include poor posture, having a prior history of lower back pain or having a prior trauma to the pelvis. There is also mixed evidence to show that lifestyle factors (such as a physically demanding or desk-based (sedentary) job) and obesity and can also lead to pain. Suffice to say, every pregnancy is completely different and may present its own pains. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapy Service understands this and treats all types of ante and post natal pain on a case-by-case basis.

Treatment Methods:
There are some treatment methods that are known to ease and assist your pain and help you to get and feel better. Physiotherapy treatment can be utilised on a case-by-case basis using the likes of neuromuscular release therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture/dry needling when and if required. Water-based exercises can also be sought, but even exercises completed at home can bring with them great benefits. At PhysioCare, we create a tailored home exercise plan for you as part of your treatment which includes guided, step-by-step video exercises that you can access and view for free.

What we can do for you:
PhysioCare are proud to offer a dedicated Women’s Health Physiotherapy Service led by female Chartered Physiotherapists to help you get and feel better. Your treatment sessions will work to target and treat your aches and pains in spacious, private treatment rooms. This will involve a treatment plan that works on posture assessment and correction, pelvic floor education and activation and massage and manual therapy. Pilates can also greatly help and we offer Physiotherapist-led group classes (suitable for those up to 20 weeks pregnant) and one-to-one Pilates sessions for any stage of your pregnancy.

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