Foot Pain

foot pain
Did you know that the average person takes about 5,000 steps per day? With this in mind, it is little wonder why we experience foot pain. The facts surrounding the human foot can really show us how much our bodies rely on them. For example: if you are 10kgs overweight, you carry in excess of 50,000kgs per day and if you live to 80 years of age, you will have walked approximately 460,000 miles over your lifetime.

Some Causes of Foot Pain:
Foot pain can occur from everyday wear and tear and use but it can also appear as a painful side effect of an injury or condition. Ankle sprains, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis are just some of the many conditions that can affect your foot.

Treatment Methods:
The correct term for a foot and leg examination is a ‘biomechanical assessment.’ This physical examination takes a full look at your feet and legs through physiotherapy and mobilisation techniques as well as medical technology such as foot scanning and gait analysis (a detailed look at your walk and stride recorded on a treadmill). The results of this assessment may discover that you will benefit from insole devices called orthotics (click here for more information on orthotics).

What we can do for you:
PhysioCare has dedicated treatment rooms that specialise in foot examinations and biomechanical assessments. Our team can also administer physiotherapy treatment and massage therapy as required. In tandem with insoles (if you require them); your feet and foot pain can be managed and treated as best as possible to help you getting and feeling better.

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