Golfer’s Elbow

tennis elbow

Golfer’s elbow is very similar to tennis elbow in that both conditions occur from repetitive arm movement with a particular focus on the elbow. Tendons in the elbow (tough bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones) are the most frequent area of injury within the elbow as they become strained and damaged over time.

Some causes of Golfer’s Elbow:
Repetitive wrist activities in sports, incorrect sporting technique or equipment, DIY, incorrect posture whilst using a computer/laptop or lifting weights and also sudden trauma are all potential causes of pain felt around the elbow joint. As the name suggests, golfer’s elbow is common in those who play golf as stress is placed on the tendons in the elbow while swinging the golf clubs. These can individually all lead to inflammation, pain, localised swelling and difficulty using the wrist and/or forearm. This is known as tendonitis/tendonopathy and may well lead to scar tissue formation. As we age, our tendons become weaker and are more likely to become a problem than when we were younger.

Treatment Methods:
The treatments available to golfer’s elbow sufferers are many and varied however a good physiotherapist will not run through these until something works for you, but instead assess your case on an individual basis and know the best course of action to take. You may undergo localised joint mobilisation and perhaps manipulation, soft tissue work to reduce scar tissue, stretching techniques, acupuncture and/or dry needling, modalities including ultrasound and laser therapies, checking and correction of sports equipment and techniques etc., strapping/taping techniques, advice regarding bracing (if appropriate), advice regarding correct ergonomics and posture and ultimately rebuilding the strength to continue playing the sport you love pain free.

What we can do for you:
While obviously your elbow in this case is the source of pain and discomfort, for a sports injury such as golfer’s elbow we make sure to cover all bases and areas that are involved in the athletic movements carried out. With this then, a clear and accurate diagnosis is made based on the subject’s history, a specific examination locally,clinical tests and the description of pain and its behaviour. The cervical spine or neck area and the shoulder need to be ruled out as sources of elbow pain also. A clear and accurate diagnosis is made based on the subject’s history, a specific examination is conducted and the type of pain and it’s behaviour is documented.

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