Heel Pain

heel pain

Heel pain can also be caused by Achilles Tendon Injuries and in younger patients it can be a case of Sever’s disease. In both of these instances, inflammation and irritation of the foot can cause overall foot pain that can sometimes be felt in the ankle and lower leg. As we obviously use our feet to walk and take steps, this pain and discomfort is amplified with each step as considerable pressure is applied to the foot while walking. Heel pain can be visually evident with the heel known to become red and irritated due to the pain and inflammation.

Some Causes of Heel Pain:
Heel pain can be experienced as an offshoot as overall foot pain from conditions such as fallen arches / flat feet and the aforementioned Achilles Tendonitis. Any injury that has affected your heel will of course result in heel pain as the area becomes damaged and inflamed. When it comes to children however, they may have a condition known as Sever’s disease. During their growth phases (such as puberty), the bones of the body can grow at a much quicker rate than muscle. As a result of this in the heel, the muscles and tendons can become tight and much less flexible which results in the pain and discomfort. Weight-bearing actions such as standing on tip-toe will bring this pain to the fore.

Treatment Methods:
Treatment of heel pain usually places an emphasis on exercises and stretches that target the heel specifically and also the foot in general. These help to elongate and strengthen muscles and tendons in the foot to assist with their return to normal function. Physiotherapy treatment is utilised to manually target the problem area(s) and with a combination of anti-inflammatory pain medication can keep symptoms at bay temporarily in between physiotherapy appointments until you are fully recovered.

What we can do for you:
Physiotherapy treatment is advised as if you are coming to us at PhysioCare in relation to a sports injury for example, your Chartered Physiotherapist can assist you with a goal-based treatment plan to get you back playing as safely and pain free as possible. Regardless of your background, you will be educated on which type of footwear is best to wear to help and correct the problem and aid in your recovery from heel pain. Physiotherapy treatment will be administered in conjunction with a tailored exercise and stretching plan that you can complete at home to manage and relieve your pain when it strikes.

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