Spinal Injuries

spinal injuries

Whether occurring from a road traffic accident, through sports, through work or even from everyday activity; a spinal injury can be a debilitating injury that varies in severity.

Some Causes of Spinal Injuries: 
As mentioned above, spinal injuries can be caused in many ways. As the spine supports the body and is used in virtually every movement that we make, it is susceptible to injury from everyday routine tasks to more physical and sports orientated lifestyles.

Treatment Methods: 
Due to the nature of spinal injuries, treatment varies from a case to case basis. However the majority of spinal cord injury patients can derive benefit from physiotherapy, physical therapy and exercise based treatment plans. The rehabilitation required from a spinal injury requires multiple treatment sessions to work at the pace that the body will allow. With an injury of this nature (indeed it could be argued for the majority of physical injuries), there is no ‘quick-fix’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach that will remedy the problem.

What we can do for you: 
Our Chartered Physiotherapists work with the patient to discover the exact nature of their injury, what they can and cannot do and what they would like to achieve. From this, a personally tailored treatment programme which covers the patient’s rehabilitation journey is created. This is supplemented with clinical advice, a personalised home exercise programme and treatment sessions with your Chartered Physiotherapist as needed.

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