Wrist Pain

wrist pain dublin

Wrist pain can obviously be a very painful and uncomfortable condition as it can flare up each time you go to use your hand(s). With wrist pain, the joints at the wrist are affected meaning that the use of your hands and fingers (which rely on the wrist for support and movement) can aggravate the condition. If you are to think about the amount of times a day that we use our hands (a near constant basis); wrist pain can be a source of constant ache and pain. This is only prolonged and can worsen if the appropriate treatment is not sought.

Some Causes of Wrist Pain:
The constant use and wear and tear of the hands and wrists can result in wrist pain. Students writing during class, completing homework and exams can find that they end up with wrist pain as the joint is in constant use and action. This can also come about due to physical activities such as sporting and recreational activities which rely on hand and wrist movements to hold the likes of tennis rackets and golf clubs etc.. A natural reaction when we fall is to put our hands out in front of us – your hands and wrists can endure the shock of the fall in this instance and as such they may be injured or damaged. Arthritis can also affect the wrists and cause pain as a result.

Treatment Methods:
It is often recommended that patients keep moving and using their wrists as much as possible. This is to keep the area flexible and moving so that normal function can eventually return. Pain pathways will limit this at the initial stages of treatment and your Chartered Physiotherapist will work towards this with you. Clinical treatment will work to gradually increase and improve the range of movement as possible by the patient with the end goal being to restore the full range of movement. Physiotherapy treatment covers all of the above and depending on your individual condition, taping and bandaging may be required.

What we can do for you:
As stated above, your Chartered Physiotherapist will work with your ability when you present to the clinic with wrist pain. The physiotherapy treatment will aim to return your wrist(s) to normal, pain free function and range of movement. Your lifestyle and livelihood will also be discussed so that if you are looking to return to sports for example, you will be prescribed tailored exercises that you can complete at home.