Inspiration for New Year Health Resolutions!


Increase activity levels:

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has put emphasis this year on the fact that activity doesn’t necessarily have to mean exercise. Activity can be anything from gardening or cycling to dancing or dare I say it housework! Once you are moving you cannot go wrong.The key to being consistent is finding something that you enjoy!

Reduce screen time:

How many of us aimlessly scroll ourselves to sleep? Spend hours of our day comparing ourselves to others on social media? Watch endless videos on youtube or binge on a netflix series? This year, try to be conscious of just how much time you spend using technology, try to be present in the moment with those around you and opt for fresh air and human conversation instead of via an app. The health benefits, both physical and mental, of this one are huge!

Increase your intake of fruit and veg:


Current guidelines recommend 5-7 portions of fruit and veg per day. Although this may seem like a lot, by making some small changes it can be achieved. Start with breakfast e.g. adding fresh berries to your cereal or porridge. Try to incorporate fruit and veg into your snacks throughout the day, for example, one banana or apple counts as a portion. Taste the rainbow when it comes to your dinner, add in vegetables with a wide variety of colours as each have their own benefits. A healthy portion plate should be ½ veg/salad, ¼ protein, ¼ carbohydrate. 


Engage in human connection:

Our personal well being and satisfaction in life seems to be strongly linked to the quality of our relationships. It is evident that the more connected we are to the people that we love the happier we feel. We all lead busy lives and 2020 will probably be no different but here are some tips to help you strengthen those relationships with those around you:

Take the time

Be present

Express appreciation




Make healthy lifestyle/climate choices:


We are all becoming more aware of the current climate crisis. Although sometimes it can seem overwhelming, small lifestyle changes CAN make an impact on the environment and create positive change. 

Try to make simple changes such as: 

Use a reusable coffee cup and water bottle

Try to reduce our plastic consumption e.g. choose glass/paper alternatives where possible.

Try to reduce our fast fashion purchases – rewear your wardrobe!

Make healthy household swaps e.g. environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

Give the gift of experience/time instead of material things. 

So there you have it, some inspiration to make your new year’s resolutions a success! 

Here at PhysioCare we wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!



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