Older People’s Day 2016

October 1st marks older peoples day 2016 and an initiative by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to “celebrate the achievements of and contribution older people make to society” and highlight “the role of physiotherapy in enabling older people to remain healthy and independent.” Indeed both statements are true. The older generation includes our parents and grandparents, friends and family who enrich our lives and share their knowledge and life experience with people of all ages. Physiotherapy treatment can greatly help the older generation as it can treat common injuries and conditions such as arthritis and back pain and can also assist with balance and strength to aid in falls prevention.older peoples day 2016

Here at PhysioCare we cater to the older generation with the treatment and services that we offer as we know that they can benefit from increasing their mobility. To help our more mature patients increase their energy levels and wellbeing, we have designed a group class known as Fitness50 to help increase their strength and movement. This class is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10:30 – 11:30am for eight weeks in PhysioCare Blanchardstown (32 Clonsilla Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15). Our Home Visit service is designed so that patients who cannot make it into one of our five clinics can still receive high quality Physiotherapy treatment at home. Our Chartered Physiotherapists can travel to your home for a Home Visit to treat you or a loved one and also assess your surroundings to assess for any risks and to advise and teach you on falls prevention.

World Physiotherapy Day was held in September also highlighted how Physiotherapy can add life to years of the older patient. “Physiotherapy-led exercise programs reduce by falls by 32%” was one of the many facts and figures released to support the day. For those who would prefer one-to-one exercise therapy as opposed to a group format, we also offer personal training sessions in our Blanchardstown and Carrickmines clinics Monday – Saturday in 60min slots for those would prefer to get and feel better with the gym space to themselves and our qualified PhysioCare personal trainers. Another statistic released also shows that “moderate physical activity may reduce the risk [of stroke] by 11-15%”.

The CSP have released a very informative guide called “Get Up and Go” which contains six exercises for strength and balance that the older person should familiarise themselves with. Click here to download / view the guide. If you have any questions regarding or a loved one in relation to how Physiotherapy treatment and the services at PhysioCare can help the older generation to get and feel better; please do not hesitate to call us on 015310007 and we would be happy to help.