David Dalton

MISCP, MCSP, MSOM, MMACP, AACP, Chartered Physiotherapist

David Dalton is the CEO / Clinical Director Of PhysioCare. After graduating with a BSc. (Hons) degree from Keele University (1998), David began working in the UK before returning to work in Ireland. He has worked in many HSE hospitals as well as a variety of private practice settings across Ireland before starting PhysioCare. Clinically he was the youngest graduate of the Society Of Orthopaedic Medicine in 1999 and has completed a Masters in Manual Therapy 2003. Davids’ week is split between treating patients and managing the team and PhysioCare (with the supports of others). His work history is extensive and today he specialises in spinal pain and feet. He has a personal interest in shoulders having had surgery himself.

David is a member of the esteemed MACP (Manipulative Association Of Chartered Physiotherapists) amongst others. His treatment approach is primarily manual therapy based supplemented by exercise supports. At home, David’s interests include swimming and spending time with his family.