If you cannot make it to one of our clinics to receive your physiotherapy treatment, we can come to you for a Home Visit. At your initial Home Visit appointment, the Chartered Physiotherapist will assess your home and surroundings to highlight any potential factors which may inhibit your recovery.

This includes physical obstacles such as stairs and loose furniture. If you are unsteady on your feet, do you have a stairlift or can you complete your day to day activities exclusively downstairs? In a similar fashion, if you find yourself straddling the wall for support as you walk through your home – are there are any hanging picture frames or ornaments which may give way if you hit off them? Not only are these objects are at risk of being pushed over and breaking, but they are also not a steady or fixed point that you can lean on for support. This may lead to you falling and worsening your condition.

Apart from assessing your home and surroundings and implementing falls prevention measures, your Chartered Physiotherapist will of course provide physiotherapy treatment during the Home Visit appointment which lasts for 45 minutes. You will both work together toward shared goals whether it be to increase your mobility, reduce pain or develop your confidence in day to day activities.

Your Chartered Physiotherapist will also prescribe for you and demonstrate exercises and stretches that you can complete at home in between your treatment sessions. This enables you to self manage your condition and combat pain when it strikes. Home Visits are especially helpful with the likes of total hip / total knee replacements, falls prevention, fractures / orthopaedic complaints and neurological complaints. Your tailored exercise programme will help to alleviate the symptoms and pains associated with your injury and/or condition.

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