Physiotherapy Appointment Waiting Times

Appt TimeRecent figures released by the HSE have revealed that Galway patients can wait up to 176 days for a physiotherapy appointment. These appointments are for routine treatments – treatments that should be regular and as patients require as part of their treatments plans and road to recovery. These figures relate to the Portiuncula Hospital. Said to have seven physiotherapy staff at the hospital, urgent cases are seen to within 20 days.

For anyone requiring physiotherapy treatment, waiting for an appointment while in pain is an agonising experience that can set your progress in reverse. As we all know, pain medication (however strong) only offers short term relief and is not a solution to the problem.

Long waiting lists such as these highlight two things: 1.) the widespread need for physiotherapy which amass these waiting times and 2.) the benefits of private physiotherapy.

As such, taking your physiotherapy treatment into the private arena ensures that you can embark on a routine treatment plan to get help you getting and feeling better as soon as possible. Here at PhysioCare, we are proud to offer early morning (08:00a.m.), late evening (07:30p.m.) and Saturday appointments across our five clinics across Dublin. With both male and female Chartered Physiotherapists and the option for them to visit and treat you at home if you cannot make it to a clinic; we are almost guaranteed to have an appointment to suit you and your needs when and if they arise.

For specialist cases, you will be advised on who to see as our team come equipped with a wide and varied skill-set in the physiotherapy and associated fields such as biomechanics, orthotics, dry needling, manipulation, exercise therapy and many more.

“As a high level swimmer I was in an emergency situation. Apart from sorting out my injury, David and his team treated me very (very) late into the evenings to ensure I made my gala successfully. I recommend them thoroughly.” Philip, Dublin.

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