Pilates During Pregnancy

Pilates is a toning and conditioning exercise program that concentrates on building a strong and efficient ‘centre’ of abdominal, spinal and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates during pregnancy can maintain pelvic floor strength, prevent incidence of pelvic girdle pain and low back pain. It also helps with relaxation and helps in labour preparation. Pilates will improve postural awareness and allow better movement efficiency and flexibility. Pilates during pregnancy is safe to continue into the first trimester and we recommend that patients can attend the classes up to a maximum of 20 weeks pregnant. We recommend that you book in for a one-to-one Pilates session first before beginning a full set of classes to asses your individual suitability while pregnant.

Exercise during pregnancy is important and encouraged. Pre natal Pilates can be used throughout your pregnancy under the guidance of a qualified Pilates physiotherapist such as the members of our team here at PhysioCare. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: “Physical activity in pregnancy has minimal risks and has been shown to benefit most women, although some modification to exercise routines may be necessary because of normal anatomic and physiologic changes and fetal requirements.”

pilates during pregnancy
During an uncomplicated pregnancy strength and aerobic exercise is recommended for 20-30 mins of moderate level most days of the week. It is not recommended to try reach peak fitness but to try and maintain a level of general fitness. It has been shown to improve physical fitness, help with weight management, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in obese women and enhance psychological well being. It has seen minimal risks and has been shown to benefit most women when all advice has been adhered to.

Through your pregnancy there are a number of changes including cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal and musculoskeletal changes. Pilates can be the perfect exercise and led by a qualified instructor will provide you with the best and most appropriate exercises for your pregnancy. After your initial screening an individual program will be delivered to you and you will receive one-to-one sessions to complete, or you may wish to join a group class held in our PhysioGym.

PhysioCare offers one-to-one Pilates sessions in our clinics – call us on 015310007 and ask for Aine or Deirdre in the Castleknock branches or Jenny or Graham in the Carrickmines and Rathfarnham branches.

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