Rehabilitation at Home vs. Nursing Homes

Depending on the level of care needed, studies have shown that many people can make a quicker and more effective recovery by rehabilitating at home. With so many people that need ongoing care post surgery; PhysioCare try to offer a service that allows that rehabilitation to happen in the comfort of their own home once medically fit to be discharged from hospital. One of our specialist home care Chartered Physiotherapists can visit the patient who is in familiar surroundings while we carry out a thorough assessment and develop a treatment plan with shared goals. This is known as the PhysioCare Home Visit Service.

Benefits of seeing the patient in their own home:

  • Clients who cannot leave the home because of their complaint can still receive important treatment
  • Every client is comfortable in their own surroundings and this decreases the anxiety that is sometimes involved with attending a clinic or hospital
  • By rehabilitating in the home, the physiotherapist can fully assess every last detail of the normal day to day routine of the client and develop a specific treatment plan that is going to increase independence in the home environment and address every-day problems that the client is facing
  • Continued rehabilitation following a hospital visit, many patients see a physiotherapist every day while in hospital/convalescence and never see one again once they are home

In Dublin, the average price for a 1 week stay in a nursing home is €1054 – with prices rising to €1325 in some parts and the lowest weekly price being at €960 per week. At PhysioCare, we have a variety of different options for patients that focus on quality and utilise evidence based rehabilitation programmes with highly skilled Physiotherapists. This can reduce the weekly cost by more than half and possibly more depending on how intensive the treatment is needed. Our 45 minute home physiotherapy sessions cost €130 each or you can also avail of packaged with 5 sessions costing €599 and 9 sessions costing €999.

Examples of who can benefit from Physiotherapy at home:

[one_half]Orthopaedic Complaints:
– Recent Major Surgery
– Recent Fracture
– Total Hip Replacement
– Total Knee Replacement
– Decreased Mobility
– Fear of Falling / Recent Falls [/one_half][one_half]Neurological Conditions:
– Stroke Rehabilitation
– Parkinsons Disease
– Motor Neurons Disease
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Cerebral Palsy
– Convalescence Care

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