Running Injuries & Marathon Preparation

 Foot Pain?  Heel Pain? Knee Pain?  Marathon Preparation? We can help.

Did you know that Physiotherapy Treatment can help you if you are suffering from any running injuries such as ankle painfoot painheel pain or knee pain?  Similarly if you are preparing for the marathon, Physiotherapy Treatment can help you get and feel better if you are suffering from any pain or discomfort from training.  With the Airtricity Dublin City Marathon being held on October 28th this year, PhysioCare want to help you get and feel better by helping you reach optimum form before your race and/or by providing any follow-up attention you may need afterwards. Alongside Physiotherapy, treatment options can include Laser and Shockwave Therapy as well as a gait analysis, foot scan and computer analysis known as an Orthotic Assessment

“I could not recommend PhysioCare enough. I got an appointment within hours of calling, I never have to wait when I arrive for an appointment, the facilities are modern and spotless and the staff are warm and friendly. My physio has managed to ‘fix’ my strain in three visits so I am delighted with the treatment.” – Patient Satisfaction Survey Response

A proven treatment for foot conditions is the use of an orthotic. These are devices that fit comfortably inside your shoes (insoles) to try and restore normal movement and thereby restore function. Orthotics are always more successful when taken as part of a total treatment plan – something that we offer at PhysioCare tailored specifically to you. An orthotic can be a simple heel raise or a fully customised device with corrections and additions applied exactly to your needs. At PhysioCare, we carry out on you an hour-long orthotic assessment which is a full foot and leg examination.

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Nutrition in the Run up to Race Day

Our Senior Chartered Physiotherapist Sarah Liddane explains how proper nutritional preparation can greatly assist in getting your body ready and fighting fit for the marathon. Click here to read her blog post which looks at the science behind this, a look at training phases and some great tips for the day of the marathon day itself.