Semi Private Pilates Classes at PhysioCare

Semi private Pilates classes are available in our PhysioCare Castleknock and Rathfarnham clinics. A maximum of four participants make up each class and the classes are led by our Chartered Physiotherapist Maggie Helm.  The small class size means that the class instructors can spend one-on-one time with each participant. These are held in our private and spacious treatment rooms.
In this way, semi private Pilates classes are suitable for all ages and ability levels such as:
– Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of ability
– Sports, running and fitness enthusiasts
– Pregnant women (up to 20 weeks)
– Sedentary or desk-based worker lifestyles

Each class lasts for 60mins and runs for eight weeks. We have both morning and afternoon class times available – click/tap here to see the timetables. Our Chartered Physiotherapists lead the Pilates classes because they understand the physical and mental health benefits that the Pilates principles provide. For some of our physiotherapy patients for example, Pilates techniques and exercises are used to help them to get and feel better.
Just like the different groups of people that Pilates can cater to, the benefits are also numerous and would include the following:
– Muscles will learn to relax and lengthen
– Increase core strength, posture and flexibility
– Prehabilitate the body from injury and pain
– Helps to relieve common complaints such as low back pain

Pilates is one of our most popular classes at PhysioCare and places are known to fill up quickly. We find one of the reasons for this is because or classes are led by Chartered Physiotherapists. They understand the human body on a functional level and work with your natural limits and ability to get the maximum benefit from the classes. Call us on 015310007 if you would like any more information and to reserve your place. As this may be your first time taking a Pilates class, we like to provide you with as much content as you need in relation to Pilates.
You can access the following below:
– Free high-quality, step-by-step exercise videos on YouTube
– Jenny’s blog post “What Can I Expect from a Clinical Pilates Class?
– Sinead’s blog post “What is Pilates and Who is it Suited to?
– One-to-One Pilates appointments available if you would prefer

New Semi Private Pilates classes are beginning all the time.
Call us on 015310007 to reserve your place and to start enjoying the benefits of Pilates at PhysioCare.