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 Fear of Falling? Total Hip Replacement? Total Knee Replacement? Fractures / Orthopaedic Complaints? Neurological Complaints?
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Home Visit service.

We provide a physiotherapy home visit service that is ideally suited to patients who are unable, for whatever reason, to make it into one of our physiotherapy clinics. We handle our Home Visits on a case by case basis with each visit lasting for 45 minutes. PhysioCare has a dedicated team to look after and care for our home based clients, especially those who need long term care. This is a specialist physiotherapy home visit service dedicated to providing high quality domiciliary based care in the Dublin region. Initially this began on a local level but due to the enormous success and need of this service, we now offer the service across the whole of Dublin. Home Visits are also a great way to continue rehabilitation following a hospital visit as may patients who see a physiotherapist every day while in hospitals/convalescence will miss the consistent support of physiotherapy.

Home Visits can Help:

Benefits of Home Visits:

Treatment Plan Goals:

Our Chartered Physiotherapists administer physiotherapy treatment to you or a loved one in the home environment and prescribe you with a progressive home exercise plan to maintain your recovery and self-management of your problem.

Did you know for example in terms of fall statistics:

· 1 in every 3 people over the age of 65 have at least one fall per year
· The rate of frequency of falls increases for the over 75’s
· 30% of all falls result in decreased mobility and independence

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