The physical activities involved with sports can have a high impact on the body. As a result of this, it is no surprise that bodily injuries and conditions arise due to sporting injuries; so much so that some injuries are named after them i.e. swimmer’s shoulder. Physiotherapy treatment can help those with sports injuries to get and feel better and get back to doing what they love.

Upper Body

As quite a lot of sports involve the use of the hands and upper limbs, activities such as holding a tennis racket or a golf club can result in tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow respectively. The constant use and wear and tear of the limbs and general upper body has led our team of Chartered Physiotherapists to treat a large number of shoulder and rotator cuff injuries also. Due to the element of weight and movement in play i.e. your tennis racket striking a tennis ball at speed; aches and pains can be felt all the way from the wrist and through the arm, shoulder, neck and spine.

Lower Body

Whereas most of the focus is placed on the lower limbs such as when running and playing football, injuries such as hamstring injuries, ACL injuries and sprained ankles are all very common in the arena. Our team is experienced in sports taping and the R.I.C.E. methodology (rest, ice, compression, elevation) when treating the lower limbs. Our clinics also have medical technology available such as laser therapy to target and treat muscle damage and also gait-analysis to assess and look to treat foot pain as a result of fallen arches, flat feet, bunions and more.


The torso can receive physical damage from sporting activities such as boxing and rugby. Yet in most sports (and especially in training scenarios and the gym environment), the back, chest and abdominals are often engaged and utilised simply by performing the dynamic movements that sport dictates. This can flare up in the form of back, neck and spinal pain and can also be felt in the hips and buttocks especially if one suffers from a pinched nerve. PhysioCare have PhysioGym locations whereby you can be treated for your aches, pains and injuries in a training environment that focuses on exercise therapy and active rehabilitation.

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