The Home Visit Experience

“Therapist was friendly and easy to talk with. He explained clearly why he was doing the various movements and importance of doing them regularly at home before next session.” – Patient Survey Response

What to Expect?

· A friendly Chartered Physiotherapist
· 45 minute treatment session
· Seen within 3-5 days of contacting us

What will Happen?

· Seen in the comfort of your own home
· Target specific issues with daily living
· Tailored treatment and exercise plan

What are the Benefits?

· Decreased risk of falls
· Restore physical confidence
· Continuum of care in your home

Initial Visit

  • The first assessment will take place between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • When a PhysioCare Chartered Physiotherapist attends for a Home Visit, the ideal scenario is that there is a room available where you will have enough privacy and warmth during your treatment.
  • It is often a good idea to have your spouse, friend or family member present also.

Your Assessment

  • Your Physiotherapist will make a full assessment of your physical condition as well as how you are coping in your surroundings if needed.
  • They will then advise you of how we may be able to help and in conjunction with you prepare a treatment plan.
  • Agree shared goals.
  • Prescribe and demonstrate a home exercise programme.

As with any physiotherapy consultation, the more medical and relevant information that you have to hand the better. It is also very helpful to us if you think about your main concerns and what you expect from your physiotherapy treatment. This greatly helps us. Write down a few questions if needs be to ensure that we cover as much as possible and therefore you will get the most out of your physiotherapy consultation.

Who can Benefit from a Home Visit?

Our Home Visit service is ideally aimed at any client who cannot leave the home for a variety of reasons:

Orthopaedic Complaints:

· Recent Surgery / Fracture
· Total Hip or Knee Replacement
· Decreased Mobility
· Convalescence Care
· Fear of Falling / Recent Falls

Neurological Complaints:

· Stroke Rehabilitation
· Parkinsons Disease
· Motor Neurons Disease
· Multiple Sclerosis
· Cerebral Palsy

4 Key Benefits to Physiotherapy in the Home:

  1. Clients who cannot leave the home because of their complaint can still receive important treatment.
  2. Every client is comfortable in their own surroundings and this decreases the anxiety that is sometimes involved with attending a clinic or hospital.
  3. By rehabilitating in the home, the physiotherapist can fully assess every last detail of the normal day to day routine of the client and develop a specific treatment plan that is going to increase independence in the home environment and address everyday problems that the client is facing.
  4. Continued rehabilitation following a hospital visit – many patients see a physiotherapist every day/week while in hospital/convalescence and never see one again once they are home

For more information or to arrange a Home Visit, you can call us on 015310007 or click/tap here to contact us. Our team can explain any other questions you may have and secure you an appointment within 3-5 days.