In both our Blanchardstown and Carrickmines clinics, we have dedicated gym space which we refer to as the PhysioGym. These gym spaces are fully equipped with rehabilitation fitness equipment and are manned by our personal trainers. The PhysioGym plays host to both private one-on-one personal training and functional rehabilitation sessions and also holds group classes in fitness disciplines such as Pilates and Corrective Exercise.

Combining the expertise of our Chartered Physiotherapists, qualified Personal Trainers and the practical space itself; the PhysioGym positions itself as an ideal destination for those who require rehabilitation following an injury, need targeted and specific strength and function training due to a condition or sporting goal, or even for those who wish to lose weight or gain muscle mass. For those seeking to maintain their bodily fitness, we recommend our Pilates and Corrective Exercise classes.

With appointment slots available from early morning (7:00 a.m.) through to the evening with weekend availability also, we can accommodate for your schedule and lifestyle in a way that can build a fitness routine around your work and home demands. Personal training appointments last for one complete hour and are completed one-on-one with your personal trainer – the gym is yours and yours alone for the full hour without interruption. You can also change and shower on the premises following your sessions if you so wish. Please also enquire with our front of house staff or with your trainer during your sessions about two-on-one personal training sessions if you wish to train with a family member or friend etc.

Both Pilates and Corrective Exercise classes are also held in the PhysioGym weekly. Pilates helps to improve posture, teach tight muscles to relax and lengthen, strengthen the weak and core muscles and also reduce the risk of bodily injuries. Corrective Exercise Class (CEC) focuses on reducing pain and increasing mobility from day one. This benefits people with bodily pain and conditions which affect them either everyday persistently or for pain that flares up at intervals. Limited to eight participants per class (to ensure all have enough space to perform the movements), it is advised to book a place in these classes at your nearest possibility if interested.

Call PhysioCare on 015310007 for more information about the PhysioGym and to book either personal training sessions, functional rehabilitation sessions or to book a place in either our Pilates or Corrective Exercise Classes. You can also click here to contact us.