For many, the word ultrasound is understandably associated with pregnancy screenings. This form of ultrasound is known as diagnostic ultrasound. However ultrasound has other uses and finds favour in the form of non-invasive therapy as a form of physiotherapy treatment. This takes the from of a small device that your physiotherapist can use to provide deep heat relief to some applicable injuries and conditions.

The precise nature of ultrasound therapy means that your Chartered Physiotherapist can use the small handheld machine to target the source of your pain and discomfort. Whether it be joints, ligaments, muscles or tendons; ultrasound therapy administers deep heat to the affected areas to help relieve pain. This may feel like a slightly warm or ‘tingling’ sensation for most as the deep heat travels through the skin.

Deep heat administered to the soft tissues of the body (such as the ones mentioned above) is known to boost circulation and assist the natural healing process of the body. This is a great way to buttress your physiotherapy treatment and to receive the benefits of this natural boost. The therapy can also relieve some of the tightness that your muscles may be experiencing. This is achieved by energising and mobilising the blood flow surrounding them to promote extensibility of the muscles and also to increase range of motion.

Ultrasound therapy is known to work well for the following injuries and conditions: muscle strains and pains, bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, ligament injuries and joint pain. PhysioCare has ultrasound therapy machines in our clinics and your Chartered Physiotherapist may use ultrasound during your treatment plan should they deem it appropriate.

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