Exercise and Stretching Videos

Exercise and Stretching Videos
In the links below, divided into sections and muscle groups of the body, you will find a series of videos to assist you with your home exercise program. Each of these videos was overseen by our team of Chartered Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers to ensure their accuracy and efficiency. They are designed in such a way that should you forget or have trouble with a particular step or part of an exercise, you can watch them being completed slowly step-by-step with accompanied text instructions.


* Abdominal (Core) Exercise Videos
The abdominal muscles are located in the mid-section of the stomach and are also known as the core muscles of the body. They assist with the ability to balance and due to this are related to posture. Exercises here include crunches and draw-ins on a physioball and also beginner and advanced exercises known as planks.

* Arm Exercise Videos
Arm exercises sometimes use objects and tools to increase the variety or difficulty level of an exercise. As the arm contains over four major muscles, tools such as therabands (elasticated strips) can be used to target one or all of these muscles. Examples of this are the internal and external rotations using a theraband.

* Dumbbell Exercise Videos
Exercises completed with weights add an element of resistance to the exercise – this is called resistance training. These exercises strengthen and condition body parts to become stronger. An example to be found within would include the bent over reverse fly.

* Full-Body Exercise Videos
A full-body exercise comprises of movements and patterns that engage most of the body. This would include your upper body (i.e. arms, shoulders, back, chest) and lower body (i.e. legs, feet, hips). These exercises as a result can be taxing on the body and would be classed at intermediate to advanced levels with the ‘around the world’ exercise being a particular example.

* Foot Exercise Videos
As our feet are used for walking, they understandably undergo a lot of stress and pressure as they take the weight of our entire body. Over time, or in some cases due to genetics, this can cause collapsed arches of the foot or ‘flat feet.’ Combined with wearing orthotics to remedy this, exercises like toe scrunches can assist with the strengthening of the foots natural arch.

* Hip Exercise Videos
There are a wide range of exercises and stretches that target the hips. As the hips join the upper and lower body and are connected to the spine, they are activated when we use most parts of our body. Exercises such as bridging, extensions, shifting and heel slides for example are used to target the hips.

* Neck Exercise Videos
Situated at the top of the spine, the neck plays a vital function to support the head in all of its ranges of movement. Exercises and stretches here consist of neck rotation and bending and also a range of chin tucks. These variations can be performed sitting, standing, lying down and in kneeling positions.

*Shoulder (Scapular) Exercise Videos
The shoulder or scapular area of the body has exercises and stretches geared towards it that can be performed standing, sitting, kneeling and lying down. These exercises involve what is know as scapular setting and stabilising and can be completed with or without equipment such as therabands. Examples of these include the scapular stabilising – bicep curl and shoulder retraction and depression.

* Warm-Up Stretching Videos
Before beginning any heavy or demanding exercise, it is essential that the body is warmed up properly to decrease the risk of injury and pain that could occur if an exercise is performed and the muscles have not been properly prepared. These stretches should be performed depending on what muscle group or body part that you are about to exercise. For example if exercising the chest muscles, one would complete the pectoral stretch or before swimming, the breast stroke prep exercise would be ideal.