Hip pain can stem from a number of different problems. For example pain associated with a foot injury can travel up the leg and into ones hip. This pathway of pain can have debilitating effects on everyday life with activities such as walking and sitting becoming painful and uncomfortable. In certain patients their condition may only be cured by a hip replacement. However with hospital waiting lists they can be left waiting in pain with only medication as their source of pain relief.

Fortunately today there are ways to address and rectify hip pain using non-invasive and non-surgical methods. Physiotherapy treatment will look to find the cause of the problem and target this to make you pain free and back to normal function. For example, hip pain may actually be caused by an undiagnosed foot problem. Upon inspection during treatment it may be realised that a collapsed/flat arch in one foot or even a slight discrepancy in leg length is what is causing pain to be felt in the hip. Prescribed orthotics (devices that are inserted into shoes as inserts) may be what is needed here.

Other examples of non-invasive procedures can include the likes of ultrasound therapy whereby sound waves are passed into tissues and muscles in the affected area. This has been proved to help with healing, blood flow and to relax the muscles and overall area.

Exercising and yoga have also proven to be effective at gently stimulating and strengthening affected areas at a pace that individuals can handle and regulate themselves. Personal training can be effective here as the patient and trainer can mutually work together and understand the problem and levels of pain tolerance and management respectively.

At PhysioCare we deploy a wide range of techniques performed by qualified and accredited professionals to help you get and feel better. Our clinics practice physiotherapy, personal training, massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling and more. Please call 015310007 to enquire about our services and book an appointment.



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