Carrying out the tasks that your job requires can place a stress on the body. Whether based mostly at a desk/in an office environment (sedentary) or in a more physical role such as on a building site (active); the constant wear and tear of your joints and muscles can result in pain and discomfort. PhysioCare can help you get and feel better by treating what causes you aches and pains in the workplace. When it comes to calling in sick to work, low back pain can often be the culprit. The treatment of this is something that we specialise in as well as overall work injuries.

Sitting at a desk for long periods during the day is not a beneficial posture to sustain and this brings with it issues that can flare up in the body. Back and neck pain are two of the most common complaints here, but wrist pain as a result of using a keyboard and mouse is another frequent pain that our team encounter and treat. While every patient that we treat is on a strict case-by-case basis (with no GP referral needed), our Chartered Physiotherapists will prescribe exercises tailored for you and your needs that can be completed at home or even in work when pain strikes to manage your injuries

More active and physical based work places an increased demand on the body. Lifting and moving heavy objects mainly involves the back and arms, but the knees and neck are also utilised and are thus prone to injury. Physiotherapy treatment can help you get and feel better if you become injured at work or are just feeling the strain of bodily wear and tear. You may also find that having a one-on-one private personal training session in our PhysioGym or attending a group class such as the Better Neck Programme or Corrective Exercise can act as prehabilitation to meet the physical demands of your job.

With five clinics across Dublin, early morning (7am PhysioGym, 8am Physiotherapy) and late evening (8pm) and Saturday (10am – 3pm) appointments available; you can fit an appointment in around your work schedule to return to pain free form. Call us on 015310007 for more information or to book an appointment.