Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day with the theme of Healthy Ageing and Physical Activity

8th September 2017 marks World Physiotherapy Day and the theme this year aims to raise awareness of how Physical Activity for life contributes to Healthy Ageing. PhysioCare are proud to share this healthy ageing ethos and ensure that all of our patients maximise their outcome through high quality Physiotherapy Treatment and Physical Activity. Our clinics are open 8am-8pm Monday – Friday and 8am-4pm every Saturday. Call 015310007 or click/tap here to book your appointment. Read on below for information on healthy ageing and how we help patients to get and feel better:

  • Physiotherapy Treatment
    We provide the highest quality one-to-one treatment in private and spacious treatment rooms. We have partnered with Physiotec so that each of our patients receive a tailored exercise plan (with guided videos) to manage their symptoms in between treatment. This demonstrates how physical activity used in conjunction with Physiotherapy Treatment can often be the best course of action to help you get and feel better.
  • PhysioGym Spaces
    Our Blanchardstown and Carrickmines clinics contain PhysioGyms – purpose built spaces where active rehabilitation, Personal Training and Group Classes take place. Both our Chartered Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers use the PhysioGym with their patients to utilise exercise therapy effectively. Custom built to include weights, cardio and active rehabilitation equipment with plenty of room for you and your therapist; the PhysioGym space is a very popular spot at PhysioCare.
  • Free Exercise Videos
    We have a library of over one-hundred high-quality exercise videos available to view for free on YouTube. These include step-by-step instructions and are broken down into helpful playlists such as ‘Back Exercises and Stretches’ and ‘Neck Exercises & Stretches’. Click / Tap here to view them. These videos highlight the theme of World Physiotherapy Day too as they show how physical activity and exercises can help and target specific injuries and conditions.

Classes Available at PhysioCare
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