What Can I Expect From A Clinical Pilates Class?

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a physiotherapist-led exercise class based on the principles of Pilates introduced by Joseph Pilates. It is a low impact form of exercise so does not stress any joints and is suitable for all capabilities and age-groups. It comprises of numerous rehabilitation principles and can assist in the management of chronic conditions, spinal pain, rehabilitation from injury and prevention of further injury.

clinical pilatesWhat does the class involve?

The classes take place for up to sixty minutes and involves exercises both in standing and on the mat. The classes are small in size so as to ensure everyone in the class is carrying out the exercise safely and correctly so the Chartered Physiotherapist can supervise each class participant. You can expect a combination of verbal, visual and tactile cues during the class. If there is anything that you do not feel comfortable doing in the class let the Chartered Physiotherapist know and the exercise can be amended to suit your needs. In each class you will work on improving the mobility of your spine (back and neck), shoulders and hips. You will also work on improving your balance which is proven to reduce your risk of falls. Strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor, deep abdominal muscles, spinal muscles, buttock muscles and the deep muscles of the neck are included in every class.

What will I feel during the class?

You will feel different muscles around your body working throughout the class, dependent on the exercise you are doing at the time. The Chartered Physiotherapist leading the Clinical Pilates class will always let you know what you should/shouldn’t be feeling. As the class focuses on lengthening and strengthening particular muscle groups you will feel a combination of areas stretching and areas working – which may include some shaking! Often after starting pilates you can be aware of these areas of your body for a day or two after the class as the muscles may not have been worked before or in some time. This is completely normal to feel and will pass as you adapt to the form of exercise.

PhysioCare run group Clinical Pilates classes in Blanchardstown and Carrickmines and also have semi-private class options held in Castleknock and Rathfarnham. The classes are led by Chartered Physiotherapists such as myself, Jenny Drennan (MISCP). Click/Tap here to see the class timetables and call us on 015310007 to book your place.