How Pilates is Beneficial for All

Clinical and Physiotherapy led Pilates classes can be beneficial for everyone. They are accessible for all ages and all levels of fitness whether you have attended classes before or not. Men and women enjoy the benefits of Pilates from functional rehabilitation for specific injuries to specific muscle strengthening for elite sports. It is also suitable for pregnant women up to 20 weeks.

Pilates has many benefits:Pilates
– pain management
– rehabilitation
– prevention of further injury
– general health and well being
– targets back pain
– muscles learn to relax and lengthen
– suitable for pregnant women (up to 20 weeks)

Pilates exercises focus on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing. The class flows from one exercise to the next with progression and modifications to cater for all levels. We focus on activating core muscles and pelvic floor while challenging your posture and balance with movements. If you would like to start a Pilates class and are a bit confused, the best way to start is with an individual assessment with your physiotherapist. They will assess you and educate you on Pilates. If you have a previous injury or physical condition it is also advised to get an initial assessment to help best prepare you for a class or one-to-one sessions.

Physiocare offers classes at both our Blanchardstown (Clonsilla Road, Dublin 15) and Carrickmines (Glenamuck Road, Dublin 18) clinics. We also offer one-to-one Pilates sessions where you get individual guidance for your specific injury or goal. The techniques, exercises and stretches are beneficial for all injuries, specifically back pain. We can tailor an individual program to get you through your injury, improve muscle strength and function and facilitate your rehabilitation – all the while helping you get and feel better.

For more information or to book into a class or for a one-to-one assessment, call us on 015310007 or click here to complete our contact form. PhysioCare, helping you get and feel better since 2001.