New Year Fitness, New Resolutions, New Pains?

It’s that time of year again when we all set new goals and begin our new year fitness journey to achieve them. It is also that time of year when little niggles rear their ugly head and impede us from achieving our goals. We all start the new year with a positive attitude and a desire to improve our fitness a little bit. Whether it is for overall fitness, weight management or mental health exercise; our goals normally include pushing our bodies that little step further. With programs like Operation Transformation to motivate us its great to improve our cardiovascular fitness. However we can run into some issues. Old injuries suddenly pop up or new injuries appear. The best thing to do is to deal with these and continue on our fitness journey.

A few tips for training include:

– Start off slowly and progress slowly.
Just because we did an 18 minute 5km when we were 18 does not mean this will translate to when we are 40 and haven’t run in 20 years. Start at a level you can achieve and progress slowly from here.

– Be realistic, set achievable goals.
A good motivational technique is to reward yourself when reach a goal

– Join a club or group.
Exercise in groups is always easier. Park running groups are a great initiate – 5km runs/walks on a weekend morning which include great community spirit and include all abilities and levels of fitness.

– Prepare.
Check opening hours and class times, look out the window and check the forecast. Don’t let a rain shower put you off. Wear supportive trainers which are not too worn out.

new year fitnessMost Importantly:
If you have an old injury that has flared up or a new niggle which seems to be holding you back from your new year fitness, get it checked by a Chartered Physiotherapist. Too often we see patients who have overloaded a particular area by pushing a little too hard or too soon. Perhaps you are avoiding a particular activity because an old injury is holding you back. Here at PhysioCare we can assess, diagnose and treat your injury. We will help you to continue training where appropriate, advise you on best exercises to do and ease your pain to get you back on track. We will provide a home exercise program for you to do at home. Don’t let an old back injury stop you from running, or shoulder pain prevent you from doing upper body exercises. PhysioCare can help you get and feel better and continue on your fitness journey.

We also have lots of classes available in both out Blanchardstown and Carrickmines locations (click here to see the class timetables). From Pilates which will leave you more in tune with your body and whole body strengthening, to Fitness 50 classes (specially designed for the older patient) and Corrective Exercise to ensure correct technique in the gym. We have on site personal trainers who work closely with our physio to make sure you are doing the best exercises for your issue or goals.

Make an appointment today and don’t let pain hold you back from your new year and your new goals. Call us on 015310007 to book an appointment or click/tap here to contact us.