Why go the gym? Four Alternative Reasons

why go to the gymDid you ever ask yourself “Why go to the gym?”. Everybody goes to the gym for the same reasons right? To lose some weight and to get fitter and stronger. More often than not these are the two biggest motivators for people to get up and start exercising. However at the PhysioGym in Carrickmines we acknowledge that the reasons people want to attend the gym are far more varied than this. Have a read of the list below and see our alternative reasons for exercising.

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A Sense of Self Satisfaction

Self-satisfaction and achieving a goal is a major motivator in the gym. That first full press up or pull up, the first time you lift 100lbs, the improvements in your running time, the lessening of the long standing pain in the knee and shoulder are all firsts that have been achieve in PhysioGym Carrickmines. We have seen at close quarters how much it means to people to have worked towards and accomplished something they once thought was impossible. We can imagine telling people in work the next day about all the successful pull-ups the previous evening or how the golf game has improved due to the gym work. Achieving small goals consistently will lead to sustainable long term change and self-satisfaction.

Long Term Health Benefits

Feeling healthier about yourself is another major benefit of gym use. Lowering pain, stiffness and reversing the effects of aging on joints is a one thing. However it is the unseen benefits that often provide longer term benefits. These include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, increasing bone mineral density and lung capacity. This means a reduction in the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, osteoporosis and breathing disorders. This does not begin to scratch the surface of the unseen benefits of exercise


Do you have trouble sleeping? Did you know regular exercise can help? We don’t mean because you’re so tired that you fall asleep in the car park! Numerous scientific studies have linked improved sleep patterns with regular moderate intensity exercise. Both how quickly you fall asleep and the quality of sleep are positively affected. A good quality 8 hour sleep is linked with improved mood and productivity in work or just in life!


The stress relieving benefits of exercise are well documented. Exercise initiates the release of endorphins in the brain which act as ‘feel good’ hormones in the brain. Aside from this exercise can provide satisfaction and a sense of achievement which enhance mood. There is also an element of ‘getting away from it all’ in the gym. For an hour you get to turn the phone off, not have to respond to emails or what to cook for dinner that night and all the worries of modern life. Instead you can focus on lifting, jumping, squatting, lunging and all the wonderful things the gym has to offer. You might find that this is the most beneficial and powerful effect of PhysioGym.

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