Osteoporosis Class – Why Balance Exercises?

balance exercisesAs mentioned in previous blog posts (link to mine and Cal’s blogs), Osteoporosis is a disease which affects the density of bones. One of the major implications this has, is that it increases a person’s risk of sustaining a fracture, particularly after a fall or traumatic injury.As a result of this, a large component of our Osteoporosis classes will be focused around improving people’s balance. People who develop Osteopenia and Osteoporosis can often decrease their activity levels and give up on their hobbies such as gardening for fear of tripping or falling. At PhysioCare, we want people to be active and pursue their hobbies and with the right exercises and guidance, there is no reason why that can’t happen. Balance exercises can help with this.

There are numerous studies and evidence published which support the addition of balance exercises in an Osteoporosis training programme. Studies by Sakamoto et al. and Madureira et al. are specific to Osteoporosis and balance training. Both yielded positive results showing that balance training is an effective way in reducing/preventing falls. Also the Nice Guidelines for Falls Prevention shows strong evidence for balance training, particularly programmes that are individually prescribed and monitored by a trained professional.

One of the other reasons that we add in these types of exercises to the class is because they are fun. Of course the main aim of the class it to help everybody’s physical conditioning but exercising is always more enjoyable and beneficial when it is fun. If I can get people to work hard for 60 minutes and have a good time while doing it then I’ve done my job. Myself (Andrew Cullinane (MISCP)) and my colleague (Cal Dunlea (MISCP)) are both Chartered Physiotherapists here at PhysioCare. I lead this class in our Carrickmines clinic (Thursdays 11am-12pm) and Cal leads it in the Blanchardstown clinic (Fridays 2-3pm).

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