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For a range of problems and pains such as bunions, back pain, heel pain, fallen arches, foot pain, leg pain and knee pain; the problems may originate from your feet. Certain foot conditions you may have heard of such as ‘flat feet’ have a knock on effect to other parts of the body. A flat foot can cause your knee and hip to become misaligned resulting in an incorrect posture that affects how you stand and walk. PhysioCare is a specialist provider of orthotics in Dublin whereby our trained Chartered Physiotherapists carry out a full biomechanical assessment on patients and can then prescribe semi or fully customised devices depending on the nature of one’s complaint.

A proven treatment for foot conditions is the use of an orthotic. These are devices that fit comfortably inside your shoes (insoles) to try and restore normal movement and thereby restore function. Orthotics are always more successful when taken as part of a total treatment plan – something that we offer at PhysioCare tailored specifically to you. An orthotic can be a simple heel raise or a fully customised device with corrections and additions applied exactly to your needs.

Orthotics can treat:
– Back pain
Heel pain
Fallen arches / Flat feet
Foot pain
Benefits of Orthotics:
– Non-invasive treatment
– Fast to administer during treatment
– Tailored to your specific needs
– Traditionally minimal side effects
– Proven treatment method

Additional Information
As mentioned above, at PhysioCare we carry out on you an orthotic assessment which is a full foot and leg examination.  Your Chartered Physiotherapist will spend this time to diagnose any foot problems with the assistance of state-of-the-art foot scanning and measurement technology such as Zebris and Shockwave. Our team are trained to the highest of standards and are fully qualified members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. We have also created a suite of  guided exercise videos that target foot pain and back pain. You can view these videos and more free guided exercise and stretching videos by clicking here.

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Orthotics Advice



Early Advice

Orthotics take time to get used to. We advise getting used to your orthotics by wearing them one hour day one, two hours day two and so on. Note: It takes up to six weeks to get used to your orthotics. It is normal for them to feel odd during this stage.

Orthotics do take up some room in the shoe. Remove the insole in your shoe where possible. The orthotic will act as the insole too!

To get the most out of your orthotics, it is important that you comply with your treatment plan. This usually includes some form of foot and or leg manipulation and exercises. Consult with your practitioner to ensure you have the right programme for you.

Longer Term Advice / Care

  • Remember orthotics do wear. It is recommended that you have a check up with your practitioner every three to six months to ensure that your orthotic is doing what it should.
  • Device Care: If you are moving orthotics from shoe to shoe, take care putting in your insoles. The main reason we see coverings damaged is by overly moving insoles between shoes.
  • Want more time from your orthotic – get a second pair! They are much cheaper and we can do alternate devices to suit different shoe type.